Sample of Design & Build - Miami Metro Zoo

• Design/Build LSS for aviary, aquarium and wetland lagoon.


Above and below: The Miami Metro Zoo, Wings of Asia was built to replace the one destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Diving and fish eating birds are frequently seen feeding on the self-sustaining population of fish throughout the wetland and river course.

The Life Support System design integrates natural processes with filtration equipment that meets the heavy nutrient load provided by a large bird population, fish and reptiles. The design of the LSS also met the strict water requirements for quality and clarity. Kristin designed the system, was responible for the shop drawings, was superintendant during LSS installation, performed system start-up and owner training. Edgewater now holds the contract with the County to provide LSS system repair as needed for all of Zoo Miami.

Aquatic Systems


Residential Pond/Gardens

The "Sustarium"


Construction & Installation

Start-up & Commissioning

Trouble Shooting

Themed Environments


Current Projects






Below: Aquaculture Hatchery System Design by: Edgewater Exhibits.

Below: Is a sample Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID). System & Drawing by: Edgewater Exhibist.
Here, on a P&ID that the system design and functionality is resolved. System equipment is selected based on "turn-over rate" calculations. Those calculations establish the specifications for each pump, filter & UV sizing, sump capacities, etc..

Below: Seaquarium's newly installed LSS driving the newEntry Feature exhibits. Touch tank and Flamingo exhibits.
Design and Construction by: Edgewater Exhibits. 2018

Edgewater Exhibits is the turn-key design build install and Start-Up contractor specialize
in sustainable Life Support technologies from whale habitats, to micro-algae cultures.

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