Edgewater LABS - Is our absorbable form of Fish and Shrimp fertilizer to replenish soils and
hydro-culture system's nutrient base.

Our living "Super Sauce" is in constant evolution - Always made with fresh,
Farm-Grown fish and shrimp. NEVER FROZEN.

Edgewater LABS

To understand where super sauce comes from, one must understand where Edgewater comes from, or more to the point, where it has been.  Edgewater’s founder, Kristin Mertz, has an extensive history in the aquaculture and aquaponics industry.  Kristin worked for his Father in high school building Japanese Gardens and Koi Ponds throughout south Florida and later in Pittsburgh. More about our History.

What is Super Sauce?  Simply put, it is a lactobacillus serum and digested fish and shrimp concentration.  Edgewater Labs produces a serum which is added to whole fresh fish and shrimp reducing the fish into a useable form.  After fermentation process, all of the fish is dissolved, broken down into a form useable by plants.

Why is this important?  Even if you place a whole fish beneath a plant, the nutrients are not available to the plant until the bacteria break down the fish in to its component parts which are then available for absorption.  Along the way  all manor of bio matter flourishes, both the good and the bad.  Edgewaters process breaks down 100% of the fish in to solution, and more importantly breaks down the fish in to a useable form for the plants to uptake directly.  This process (cold process) avoids cooking off any of the goodies present in the fish which would be sensitive to high temperature.  The process is acidic with a final ph of 3.4 which discourages growth of the bad bugs. As well as the nutrients, the probiotic serum which lives within will rapidly grow within your substrate breaking down nutrients trapped in the soil or solution that are now free for plant absorption. 

This establishes a healthy colony within the soil substrate and avoids ammonia lock.  This will end in a noticeable difference in plant growth, and plant health.  You will have little need for most additives to control nutrient deficiency, and it is all done organically.

Does it smell like fish?  Actually the harvested serum smells like day old Champaign and looks like an amber ale.  The final product has organic molasses added to the serum to act as a food source for the microbes.  Venting the bottle by opening the cap or leaving the cap loose is recommended to avoid build up of co2 from the serums consumption of sugar.  The serum can be refrigerated to extend shelf life, but should be at room temp. for 24 hrs for best results.  The serum will not produce any fish odor or taste in the crop.

Below - Pictures from our Aquaculture/Hydrponic Farm and grow beds.

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Below: Fresh water Jumbo prawn grown on our farm in South Florida. Aquaculture and Hydro-culture synchronicity.

Edgewater Exhibits is diversifying into Organic Agricultural Fertilizers and Sustainable grow systems.
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